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We're here for your property when you're not

What to do in an emergency

An emergency is something that could not have been foreseen, and which could cause serious damage to the property.

For example:

  • Severe water leaks
  • Loss of electricity/power
  • Loss of heating or hot water
During the week between 9 am - 5 pm please contact us on 0207 118 8484. Outside these hours, on weekends and on bank holidays please see below:

Loss of heating/hot water

Water leaks

Loss of power

Please check if the Boiler or HIU Switch is ON - located in the Utility Cupboard and labelled.

Please check that your loss of heating and/or hot water is not a communal issue.
Please turn your water supply off immediately at your main tap located in your utility cupboard.

Please check that your loss of power is not a communal issue.
Please check your RCD electrical box (located within your utility cupboard) for tripped switches.

Please check that your loss of power is not a communal issue.

Otherwise, call The Amber Group on 020 8395 555

Locksmith - please contact Ultimate Security Locksmiths - 07574 247 247

You should only contact our emergency contractor if your landlord is on our fully managed service. If not, you must contact your landlord directly.

If the call-out is not an emergency or the incident occurred due to neglect or misuse, you may be charged.

Once the office re-opens, you must send us an email to notify us about the emergency and the contractor call-out.