How to work from home without working at home...

Published: 15/02/2021

How to work from home without working at home...

The events of 2020 have meant our lives have changed beyond recognition; what we expected from the traditional 9 to 5 no longer exists. Therefore we’re forced to embrace change, and this is no bad thing.

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of people working from home rose from 21% to 24% in the last quarter and this figure has increased by 59% since 2019 due to COVID-19. While these statistics are not surprising, many people do not wish to return to traditional working practices and are actively opting out, indicating where the UK rental market is heading.

From an employee perspective, the shift is huge and very significant. People are making completely different choices about where they want to live, how they want to live and creating new expectations about flexibility and life balance that won’t change. So where do we go from here?

As a landlord, it’s time to re-think your property’s practicalities and if your renting consider all the available options. What if we said you could work from home, without actually working from home? Forward-thinking developers now build new apartments in London that offer that same option. For instance, Riverlight Quay, by St James.

Riverlight Quay, SW8
Situated on the river at Nine Elms, Battersea this stunning development offers stunning views with up to date facilities which include a residents lounge complete with WiFi to enable a work from home environment. All this is provided in a shared creative space, proving it’s entirely possible to work from home without isolation.

Thanks to progressive design, Riverlight offers maximum daylight and views of the River Thames for its residents, while also providing generous public spaces and access to the river for the wider local community.

Nearby is the new development at Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station, SW11
The development is situated on the famous Battersea Power Station site. Given listed status in 1980, The station itself has not been operational since 1984.

Just like Riverlight, phase one of Battersea Power Station - Circus Village West offers a relaxed living and working facility that will allow residents the advantage of a great riverside location within reach of central London, while creating a serene but productive work environment.

Embassy Gardens, SW11
Embassy Gardens is situated close to the Battersea Power Station development and between the mainline stations at Battersea and Nine Elms. The new American Embassy building sits in the middle of the action.

New work from home facilities includes the Edison Suite, which has dedicated workstations and two meeting spaces, enabling you to focus on your work while staying at home. Along with the Edison Suite, there is another shared space for the residence to use called the Beckett Lounge, this facility is available for both work and recreational activities.

Battersea and Nine Elms will be connected to the Northern Line extension in the future making this part of London a sought after place to live.
Nearby is Casson Square, situated opposite the London Eye in fashionable SE1

Casson Square, SE1
Casson Square comprises three residential buildings, Belvedere Gardens, Thirty Casson Square and South Bank Place. You can expect to find a dedicated reception area within the development leading to the resident’s lounge and bar.

The lounge and bar areas are an available space for social gatherings and informal business meetings. Doors lead to an outside terrace and entertainment area; Casson Square designers kept the home ethos in mind from the very beginning.

So, maybe now is as good a time as any to make working from home the new normal.